Café Gray Deluxe:

Café Gray Deluxe, a 21st-century Grand Café, offers stunning views of Victoria Harbour. The restaurant marks the return to Hong Kong of celebrated chef Gray Kunz, with his unique style of modern European classics and signature dishes from a lifetime running the finest kitchens in Europe, Asia and America.

咖啡 Gray / Kopitiam:

Gray’s Kopitiam was conceptualized from the fond memories of Gray’s childhood in Singapore.

A Kopitiam, which literally means Coffee Shop (Coffee in Malay, and Shop in Hokkien-Chinese), is a place for common folks to casually savor South East Asian delicacies around a table for a chitchat, or gossip away about the latest news. Much like patrons do at the terraces of Cafes in Europe.


Forum is a historical gem inspired by the timeless Parisian brasseries. An upscale, chic, yet affordable eatery, where patrons can comfortably dine several times a week but that is also perfect for celebrations and destination dining.


Inspired by the classic and cavernous coffee houses of old Vienna, where impeccably dressed waiters serve remarkably delicate pastries and pour deep-roasted Viennese coffees into fine china cups, this coffee house provides an inviting place to socialize with good friends, a sanctuary to reconnect with yourself, and a calming interlude in a hectic day.


Chinoiseries by Gray Kunz will take you into a culinary journey where a delightful mix of the timeless grand classic dishes of the Cantonese Cuisine, to include the most refined Dim Sum, while the other side of the menu will show off Chef Gray Kunz’s creations, straight from his Singaporean heritage, the years in Hong Kong, the travels around Europe, and New York.”

Salt Flakes:

Salt Flakes is a convivial ski resort bistro, serving deliciously simple, yet sophisticated Alpine Bistro Cuisine by using the best organic local ingredients within it’s surroundings. Themed after the great lodges of the USA mixed with the flair of the Alps’ chalets ; Salt Flakes has a warm, cozy, and elegant interior feel, boasting a massive stone fire place, where rustic and modern conjoin seamlessly.

Café Gray Bakery:

Bread does not lie, it says everything about the quality of its ingredients, and the know-how of its creator.
Respectful of small-scale bakery tradition using natural leaven, Café Gray Bakery will develop its own creations using local flavors and spices while also baking classic artisanal French bread and pastries.