Born in Brooklyn, New York, Joey started at the stove at a very young age. He was greatly inspired by his grandmother’s cooking, his father, who was a chef, and the time spent with his grandfather, who owned a butcher shop down the street.

With the rest of his family involved in the food industry, he developed an early passion for the delicious and aromatic Mediterranean cuisine.
At the age of 14 he began working in restaurants and at 16, he was already cooking professionally behind the line. Upon completion of his culinary education and with the guidance of his Chef and mentor John Rellah, former sous chef at Lespinasse, Joey went on to pursue his career with chef Daniel Boulud, Gray Kunz, and Philippe Rochat.

Driven by his love for food and culture, he later found himself in Hong Kong, at the side of Chef Gray Kunz again, where he has been spending time enhancing his skills, while making stints in some of the most progressive and upcoming kitchens of Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and China.